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I can stare at this for hours

Gems is perfect

Got my haiiiiir did
Aren't you scared about being triggered by the knifeplay? My guy and I have been thinking about it, but I'm nervous.

Of course, abit in the beginning. But I’ve translated every negative will that involves knives, cutting, fear from both, and anything alike into it’s opposite. Turning pain into pleasure, and fear into welcomed, but pained, pleasure- isn’t easy but possible. Helps if you already have masochistic qualities to yourself. And you need trust of course. You have to trust your partner not to cut too deep, or not to kill you of course :P It’s something that has to be discussed amongst one another ya know. 

I want to kiss you so hard that you will never be able to get the taste of me out of your mouth. - (via the-psycho-cutie)
would you ever have a threesome with your boyfriend and someone else?

Yes. We’ve came pretty close to that happening before haha. It’s new sexual territory that we both wouldn’t mind exploring. x