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Bbs did a cute today (/▽\*)。o○♡ 
Seriously awh ;-; 💕😽😻 Hes precious i can&#8217;t handle it.
So i&#8217;m  definitely considering just going ahead and making a cc cosplay from code geass for Matsuricon as well. Shes been on my list forever and ive done a few closet cosplays already too (´• ω •`) hmmmm
Shimakaze progress #2 ^°^
Shimakaze progress #1 ^°^ just need to order wig, thigh highs, and make the gloves and prop now!
Bunss (´• ω •`)
And on monday morning I learned to drive, well drive better lol. Soon, soon i will feel comfortable enough to get my license. (*^ω^)
Shimakaze progress x.x happy with things for just a days work! So much sewingg to do.
Guess whoo im making this weeekk (♡゚▽゚♡)
psst i see youre gonna be junko at matsuri you should totally come to the dr meetup on saturday

Yah i really wanna do one of the meetups this year!!

Malll todayy
Finally finished up kakashi vest, just waiting for things to dryy, also made a new BlackCat mask, just need to mold it to fit my face ^^ Had a cosplay night/naruto marathon w bbs and our friend nick todayy/lastnight o.O 😸
Get well soon! 😺

Thank uu 😽

Can u guess whos next on my cosplay list (^ω~)
Just gotta paint the end of the bullet ^^