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Middle part 👎👍? ;-;
Tests from this morning. Just gotta add the scar, correct brow color and contact :3
Finished kakashi wig (^ω~)
Totally missing your posts lately :/ Your the one who got me into tumblr and now your gone!!! Im sure you doing great things instead though :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I mainly havent been updating tumblr lately bc i dont have wifi atm and tumblr app sucks so hard x.x im sorry (。╯3╰。) haha 💕💕

Currently starting the restyling of zee wig. But im not sure if i still wanna use it or not Idk
*Awkwardly scrunches down to fit into mirror* lol
Almost done woohoo (*^ω^) #Matsuricon #kakashicosplay
Been working on it on and off all day x.x my fingers are numb from sewing (。╯3╰。) buuut, kakashi now. Will take test photos later ~ #Matsuricon #kakashicosplay
70%Theree #kakashicosplay #matsuricon
Slowlyy coming along (*^ω^) just gotta add another pocket, clean them up, sew on the side buckles, and add trim on the back plus paint the symbol. Then its done ~
Makin french toast for bbs and i, and watchin naruto ^×^